When Do Not Go To The Dentist?

You have a scheduled visit to the dentist, and on the spot, it turns out that you can not proceed with the surgery? It’s possible! Find out in which situations it is better to postpone your appointment or inform your dentist about your condition.


The date of removal of a tooth determined based on the menstrual cycle? It’s quite a reasonable idea. Although tooth extractions are generally entirely safe procedures, it is worth taking precautions to minimize the risk of serious complications.

For example, experts advise that during the menstruation avoid surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction (so-called chiseling), implanting dental implants or reconstructive procedures on the gums, because at the same time the blood clotting decreases and the risk of hemorrhage increases.

– Theoretically, the amount of blood lost at that time is minimal both for the estimated total blood volume and acceptable blood loss, so the risk is low. In practice, however, bleeding after surgery can be intensified, and tissues more sensitive to pain. Therefore, let us inform you about your condition of the dentist, who in the interests of health and greater comfort of the patient should suggest a different date – advises the medicine.

Some patients may also have von Willebrand’s disease, a genetically conditioned disorder characterized by a greater tendency to bleed after injuries or surgeries. And although it is a rare disease, in women due to passing menstruation, the risk of excessive bleeding during dental procedures or even brushing teeth is even higher.

After tooth extraction, you want to avoid the severe complication of the so-called wound healing. A dry socket? Do not decide on the treatment on the days of the cycle, when the estrogen level is the highest (usually it is 12-14 and 21-22 days of the period). – Increased estrogen levels, also due to the use of contraceptive pills, is one of the risk factors for the dry alveolus and makes women twice as exposed to this condition – explains the dentist.

Also, just before or in the first 3-4 days of the period in the woman there is less tolerance to pain, hormonal changes (higher concentration of progesterone) cause that the gums are tender, susceptible to inflammation and bleeding. For this reason, treatments such as removing tartar, filling in or removing the tooth should be performed approximately one week after the end of menstruation.


Affordable Dental Work

There are many reasons to travel abroad – one of which is to get medical work done. Traveling for medical needs to third-world countries benefits many coming from the United States and Canada as the cost is much cheaper. For an example, a routine teeth cleaning service from a local dentist can range between $2,000 – $3,000 US Dollars. The same procedure can be done in Costa Rica or Mexico for $50 – $200 US Dollars.

Is It Safe?

The most asked question I get is if it’s safe to visit other countries even if it’s just to get medical treatment done. Traveling to any country poses some type of risk. If you go to the USA and visit Chicago you run the risk of being the victim of some sort of criminal activity. In reality you just have to be wise and not go to the shady side of town and you will be perfectly fine. Latin American countries are no different from the states. I would just advise to check the travel warning issued by your federal government and follow the recommendations of the locals since they know best.

My last trip was one of the most productive vacations I have ever had. I had such a tight budget and still had an awesome time. Everything started when I booked a flight to go visit my relatives in South Carolina. At checkout, Spirit offered me like four different deals which I kept denying until the fourth one said that I could have a cruise spending 5 nights and 6 days in the Caribbean for $199. I didn’t think about it twice and took the deal. Minutes after, I received a phone call from a Caribbean carnival representative which explained to me all the details about the cruise deal and of course the catch. I had to take a 90 minute presentation in a resort in Florida before being able to get my ticket to the cruise. To me, it didn’t look like a big deal so I went ahead with the reservation. Once I was booked I called a dentist in Mexico and booked my appointment to get a few minor procedures done.

The presentation was long, I think they kept me for like 5 hours until they finally gave up on me and let me go. With my cruise boarding ticket in hand I left ready to start my vacation for real.

Our first stop was at the Bahamas, when I got to take a few Instagram worthy pictures with the swimming pics. The cruise headed then to Jamaica where I got to taste amazing food and heard some amazing stories from the locals. We then were ready to get to our last stop, Cozumel, Mexico. Here I got to see Dr. Perez, he and his staff took awesome care of me and since they were already expecting me they made sure I was out and ready to go in a few hours to get back on the cruise.

All in all this was one of the best decisions I had ever made. If you too are like me and need to save some money on dental work I would suggest you give going to another country a try to get your work done.


General Dentistry

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Are Natural Home Teeth Whitening Methods Safe?

White teeth are a possible effect provided that the natural color of the bone is not dark or yellow. Remember that teeth can be whitened only to the level of their original color. Using homemade methods, you can damage the enamel and lead to unpleasant teeth hypersensitivity and achieve a counter-productive effect. Conducting whitening at the dentist is the safest option, but also the most expensive one – the choice belongs to us.

White Teeth – Causes Of Discoloration

There are many reasons for tooth discoloration. It is affected by poor oral hygiene, some medicines (eg, using preparations containing iron), drinking coffee, red wine, coloring juices, smoking cigarettes, and genetic determinants. People with a natural yellow tooth bone, unfortunately, do not bleach them using home methods; in this case, it is possible only with the use of specialized treatments. Let’s also remember that teeth that are dead do not undergo bleaching processes, and natural methods certainly will not work, here too the dentist’s help is necessary.

Whitening Effect Of Lemon Juice

Lemon juice brightens discolorations on the skin, so why not deal with those on your teeth? The action of lemon juice on the enamel for a long time – so when you rinse your mouth and rub into your teeth can weaken the enamel causing greater susceptibility of teeth to decay. It is also worth noting that lemon juice cannot cope with discoloration on the teeth as well as with those on the skin.

Whitening Effect Of Coconut Oil

Sucking coconut oil has many supporters. In addition to the cleansing action of the oral cavity, it is reportedly also leading to gentle teeth whitening. This method will not damage the enamel; you can try it because it is safe. The oil spoon should be sucked on an empty stomach for about 30 minutes, and the oil should be spat out. Performing this activity can bring a whitening result only after regular use for a minimum of 2 -3 months.

White Teeth – Healing Charcoal, Banana Peel Salt, And Baking Soda

Brushing teeth with crushed charcoal, salt or baking soda can lead to severe damage to the enamel and soft tissues in the mouth. The salt has an acid-forming effect, and the acid pH is excellent for the development of pathogenic microorganisms. Soda and carbon remove the impurities from the surface of the teeth in a mechanical way (this can be compared to the friction of the tooth surface with abrasive paper), which unfortunately can lead to enamel abrasion, extreme tooth sensitivity and greater susceptibility to discoloration. A popular way to whiten teeth is also rubbing them with a banana peel. It does not rub enamel, and thanks to the richness of vitamins and minerals gently cleanse the teeth and whiten them.

The methods for natural tooth whitening given here can be very harmful. Therefore, if we care about a beautiful and above all healthy smile, it is worth choosing a specialist for this purpose and using preparations available in pharmacies. Let’s also remember about proper oral hygiene, thorough, regular brushing, using dental floss and rinse aid, and dental check-ups.